Next generation security.

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Through all our services we maintain our commitment to quality.

Smart Estates

Advanced security solutions for residential estates.

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Next Generation Security

Cutting-edge security measures utilising the latest technology.

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Tactical Intervention

Rapid and effective response teams for high-risk situations.

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Integrated Technologies

Seamless integration of security systems for comprehensive protection.

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Turnkey Solutions

End-to-end security services for businesses across industries.

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Riot & Crowd Control

Comprehensive riot and security control services for SA’s unique landscape.

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Anti Poaching

Highly skilled professionals in wildlife protection and anti-poaching operations

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Tailored Security

Customised security strategies to meet the unique needs.

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Creating a secure environment and trusted by leading brands.

Tailor-made security solutions.

Ensure's many years of exposure to a broad range of security risks and solutions across the wide spectrum
of successfully serviced customers has created a deep knowledge base which is used to create customer specific and innovative, tailor made, risk management solutions.
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