Guarding and Security Technologies


Each site guarded by Ensure is in direct contact with our hi-tech Command Centre. Guards are monitored from this centre by means of a variety of guard monitoring solutions.

An officer booking on and off duty is communicated through biometric recognition devices with corresponding GPS site location so that any absence is immediately flagged, located and rectified.

We offer internet based monitoring systems that can track an officer’s movements in real-time during their tour of duty, alarm when inert, geofence and lock the officer to the site, instantly communicate a duress status and offers two-way SMS, MMS and voice communication between the officer and the Command Centre.

All of these can be coupled to IP CCTV camera systems which can view the officer and site on-line and in real time in our Command Centre.

Roving , fully equipped Patrol Vehicles, manned by armed supervisors and constantly tracked in real-time in our Command centre, are operational in sectors covering sites under our protection. This ensures rapid intervention and a high level of surveillance of sites and officers.

Included in each vehicle is an on board camera system monitoring both the interior and exterior of the vehicle and which can provide invaluable visual evidence when necessary.

Our customers are assured a prompt response to incidents ranging from - Not on duty; leaving site; failing to patrol; system inert; or emergency situations, and that every deviation will be handled with the skills resources and infrastructure to manage and accurately account for it.


To ensure a service that will exceed your expectations,

we would welcome the opportunity to engage with you in order to assess and better understand your security requirements, as well as to furnish you in more detail with our NEXT GENERATION Value-Added Offerings and how they might be used to enhance your existing security measures.


With the festive season nearing and remote jamming on the increase, Ensure Security is fighting back…

Introducing an innovative, leading edge solution to combat remote jammers. The fixed and mobile ‘Mall Guard’ Jamming Detectors alert security personnel to jammers operating within a 150m radius.

The robust mounted Mall Guard is strategically fixed in car park areas. It alerts security personnel to remote jammers within a 150m radius using an optional siren and flashing LED lights.

The portable Mall Guard comes with a chest strap to be worn by security officers. It’s alarm tone and vibration mode alerts the guard to remote jammers within a 100m radius. The unit also logs the time & date of the incident for reporting .

Mi-Security App

Basic Features

  • One-Touch Security Call
  • Push Notification Service
  • Free Message Broadcasts to Users
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Incident Reporting
  • Media & Social Media Integration

Advanced Features

  • Track Me GPS Alert Function
  • Reservations / Bookings Module
  • Access Control Integration
  • QR Integration (Loyalty programs etc.)
  • Geo-fenced Push Messaging
  • Ensure Systems Integration


Ideal for residential estates, our range of electric security patrol cars provide an excellent visible presence and cost effective, efficient means of patrolling large areas quietly.

With the optional fitting of seat belts and safety features, loud hailer, spot lights, security lights and siren, these innovative vehicles provide the perfect eco-friendly solution to estate security transportation and mobile guarding.

Available with optional infra-red and night vision camera surveillance pod.